Friday, April 9, 2010

Status Update

Hello everyone! I know I've been quite absent of late, and I've really missed working on minis and keeping up with all of your great projects. January and February are always my busiest months at work. I thought I'd start working on my minis again in March, but a beloved pet was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma and, while he seems to be doing really well on the chemo, the emotional rollercoaster of caring for and worrying about him has left me a bit uninspired, I'm afraid. I've also been working a lot in my garden (here in Houston, Texas, spring and fall are the primary gardening times; few dare to do so during our hot, humid summers) and on a few projects around my real-life house (I painted the walls and installed a chair rail in my guest bedroom - a LOT more difficult to do in real-life than in miniature, lol!). In addition, my laptop has finally bit the dust, so I'm unable to upload photos for the time being.

Notwithstanding all of my excuses, I am planning a return to minis in the near future. I'm attending the Chicago International miniatures show next week and taking a workshop (my first show and workshop!), so I'm certain I'll return from that really inspired and with lots of ideas. I'm really looking forward to the show and workshop (and seeing Chicago, as I've never been there before). I'll try to take some photos and post them here (assuming I am able to either resuscitate my laptop or just buy a new one). Are any of you planning to attend?

See you soon!