Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oil Paintings

Okay, I know I'm supposed to be working on the Manor, but these were very fun to make and took very little time (and I do need something to do while waiting for paint to dry, don't I?).
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These are just printed from my large file of saved images of art. I think these particular images came from Christie's site. I like to use lesser-known or unknown works of art, because I don't want it to be immediately apparent that these are fakes.

The frames were very cheap; I can't remember exactly what they cost, but I think it was around US$3 for both. They were sort of a dull gold color all over, so I "antiqued" them with some burnt umber paint.

Once I'd sized and printed off the pictures, I texturized them to make them look more like oil paintings. I'd read about a gel medium you can paint over a print to give it texture, but it was late at night and I was impatient to try these out on my wall. So I experimented with Aleene's tacky glue. Using a small brush, I painted the glue right over the prints using short, choppy strokes to build up texture. I'm quite pleased with the results, and happy I saved myself some money, too. I won't be buying that gel medium after all, because glue works so well.


Sans! said...

LOL, your remark over "not immediately apparent that these are fakes" gave me the chuckles. Not only are they fun to do, they are fun to watch as well. I mean, walls and floors are great but compare to works of art?

Thank you for the tip on glue for texturising. Over here, we can buy "canvas paper" and if you print pictures on them, they look like the oil paintings. They are not that expensive as well although glue is definitely cheaper. You can check them out at this website:

Afraid I am still seeing your blog post as well below the left column. It must be firefox if you don't have the same problem in IE. Pretty sure it is the margin settings but what the hack, if you are seeing it ok, then there is no problem :).

dora said...

Belle, me encanta como le está quedando, maravilloso, la felicito.
He estado leyendo su blog desde el principio, no sabe lo parada que me he quedado , parecia, que estaba leyendo mi pensamiento.Increible.
A mi mi marido, tambien me regalo una maquina cortadora como la suys, y realmente me hubiera gustado hacerla toda yo. Pero el palacete que tengo me toco en un sorteo así, que me decidí, a trabajar en ella, pero como usted dice, encuentro muchos defectos a todas las casitas, no se asemejan a la vida real, con lo cual estoy intentando, que tenga sentido, se me ha ocurrido habrir la parte trasera de la casa, para darle otro volumen, ya veremos, como queda, porque yo soy muy lenta.
Bueno,ya le iré comentando cosas, porque, sinceramnete me ha llamado la atención, que entre tantos blogs,sin conocernos, pensemos igual, usted en texas y yo en barcelona. Encantada un abrazo Carmen

Unknown said...

Belle, these are fabulous! One would never know they're not museum quality pieces! Well done!

They look just awesome against the blue walls . . . which I love! This has got to be one of my favorite rooms . . . I can't wait for it to be complete - could you hurry it up?! LOL!!


Pubdoll said...

The room is so beautiful and the paintings are lovely! I also use glue to make copies look like real paintings, but I have used glue for decoupage. (I use the same glue when I'm wallpapering my doll's houses)


dora said...

As you said, I love your work.
I would like to recogieses a prize in my blog awards.
Carmen besitos.

Ara said...

I really love these! (of course!) The do look very real :) I have some sad looking photos of some old ancestors of mine if you want to copy those! NO ONE would know they were copies - haha. JK - they are really sad looking.

Anyway - I love the antiqued gold against the light blue :)!!

Unknown said...

Hi Belle,first I want to say how much I love your work,you ammaze me each and every time about your perfection! I also did some printings on textile and I finished them with nailpolish,it works too. Next time I will do it with glue,I have to try it!

kaydee said...


I don't know how I missed this post earlier. These paintings are very attractive. Did you make the cord and tassels too? The dining room is looking really beautiful!

Amanda S. said...

Whoops, missed this post somehow. These look great! I agree, you definitely need some easy little projects to go along with the intense detailed ones. Wonderful job, as usual.


Just gorgeous ! Thank you

Debora said...

Belle, even your 'oil paintings' are outstanding. and in keeping, i mean they fit the room so well! I Love that you do these little trips beside 'the work on the house' Hope you have a lot more painting to do...!

ps There is an award waiting for you at my blog