Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Arrival

A month or so ago, I had a birthday, in celebration of which my mother sent me a card and a check. Now, normally I very responsibly (and boringly) just pay bills with birthday money, or save it for some future use. But my mother specified that I was to use it to purchase something for Myrtlewood Manor. And it's not nice to disappoint one's mother, is it?

Mom, I know you mentioned that I should maybe buy a working clock (and I do want one of those eventually; just haven't figured out which kind yet), but I've had my eye on something for a long time that will remind me much more of you.
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This is a Heidi Ott working sewing machine, which just arrived in the mail today. The little treadle pumps up and down, turning the wheel on the right and causing the needle to move up and down. There's no place to actually thread the needle (which isn't all that sharp, actually), so it won't actually sew (so maybe "working" is a bit misleading), but I just love all the moving parts.

I also bought the matching bench, which opens for storage. I think this machine and bench are a lot like the ones my grandmother had when I was little, at least I remember being fascinated by the "secret" storage in the bench.

Thanks so much for my birthday gift, Mom! And, because I got this on sale, I think I still have nearly enough to purchase that clock, too, once I finally figure out which one I want, that is.


Tallulah Belle said...

Oh my...that is just gorgeous. Probably one of the best minis I've ever seen.

My Nan had one just like it too...the sewing machine would flip over and hang upside down underneath and the top would then be a table :-)

It is still in the family and I'd love it but the shipping costs to get it from England to the USA were is solid and extremely heavy.

Sans! said...

Oh, we all have our heirloom sewing machine, don't we? Belle, this one is so beautiful! I too have been eyeing these machines although I don't think they are popular in 19th century India. I agree with Jayne that this is a most beautiful mini. My late granny's is portable (now with my mum) and comes with a wooden cover, no base. I collect the wrought iron base and own 4 of, all made into tables. One of them is holding my mini temple. Your mum is such a sweetie!

kaydee said...

Oh, my goodness....I love this so much!!! What a perfect choice. I never even thought of a sewing machine and didn't know they made working miniature ones. It actually brought tears to my eyes since I love to sew and have been a seamstress most of my life.

I don't believe you have seen it, but I have an antique treadle Singer sewing machine that I bought a few years ago because I have always wanted one. It still works and the ironwork is really beautiful. It looks very much like your miniature one, only mine has one drawer and a wooden cover which is referred to as a "coffin" but no bench. I researched the serial number and found out it was made in Kilbowie, Scotland in 1898 which is close to the time period of your house.

Grandma's machine was made around 1950. The machine head looks similar, but it is electrical. She still has this one and it does have the storage bench. It's the machine I learned to sew on.

Anyway, I am very honored by your choice.

Love, Mom

Linda Carswell said...

What a lovely piece...It's funny how we have our eye on a special piece for a long period of time, until we finally realise we NOW have to have it....I was like that with the 'grand piano' I'm happy!!...until the next piece I have to have!!!

Ara said...

ooooOOOOoooo.... Wow I am jealous of this!!! So beautiful! I love when mom's make us spend money on ourselves!!!

I can't wait to see what clock you pick out too! I am hoping to make one for myself some day with a watch-face.... but that's way down on my list!