Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inspiration: Real-Life Southern Plantation Houses

I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties with my computer and thus can't post pictures of anything I've been working on lately. While my computer guru (aka my husband) sorts through my computer's various issues, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my inspiration for Myrtlewood.
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Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, Louisiana:

Houmas House, Darrow, Louisiana:

Dunleith Plantation, Natchez, Mississippi:

Drayton Hall, Charleston, South Carolina:

Belle Mead Plantation, Nashville, Tennessee:

I have long been enamored with these southern beauties. When I decided I wanted a dollhouse, I knew it would have to be a southern plantation house. There just aren't many kits out there in this style, though, which is one of the reasons I decided to build my own. My plan is for Myrtlewood to look very similar to the first three homes pictured above, except that it will have columns and porches across the front only, rather than all the way around (wrapping them all the way around would greatly impede access to the interior, unfortunately). At some point, I'll try to post the plans I've drawn up.

Hopefully, my computer will be "cured" in the next week or so, and then we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Sans said...

Belle, I have missed your posts so much!! Glad you did this one because the mansions are so beautiful! Yours will match them in your strive for nothing less than perfection. Have you heard of the Rose Mansion? It was in LA (I thought it really looked like a plantation house so I am not sure why it was in LA). IT has since been torn down but immortalised in an exhibit in the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. I was there and took loads of pictures and you can see them here: They opened the back only so if you want, you can still wrap 3 sides of your mansion with columns . I hope to eventually make my palace the same way. This means you can't really access the sides unless you want to make the side walls open as a whole piece (like the Queen Anne from Really Good Toys).
Can't wait for your computer to be fixed so we can see what you have done so far.

dora said...

Yo estoy con lo mismo el maldito ordenador, cuando menos me lo pienso, se cuelga. en fin paciencia.
Bonita foto.

Ara said...

These are beautiful homes!! I can see their elegance reflected in what you have done so far!! Can't wait for your computer to start working again so we can see what you've been up to! -ara