Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Library: Bookcases

I'm taking a break from the dining room for a while and working on the library at Myrtlewood Manor. As you can see, I've built a wall of bookcases.
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I didn't build these entirely from scratch; I started with some unfinished bookcases I purchased on sale for about $6.00 each.

I added baseboards, plinth blocks, fluted casing and crown molding on the top. Then, because they were only 7" tall and I wanted them to go all the way up to the ceiling, I built the extensions on the top. For the top, I tried to mimic the construction of the bottom bookcases; it's not exact, but pretty close. I cut the arches using my scroll saw, and it is evident to me that I need a LOT more practice with this tool. It took me several attempts to get those arches even.

I'm still trying to decide whether to add cabinet doors to the bottom two shelves of each bookcase. It would involve working with those fiddly little hinges again, but it might look really good. Let me know if you have any thoughts either way.

I plan to add a brass rail about 7" up and build a ladder that hooks over it and rolls along the length of the shelves. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that, but I have some ideas.


Unknown said...

The bookcases look absolutely wonderful! You did an awesome job with your scroll saw! I think it would be a nice touch to have doors on the bottom . . . one has to have a place to hide all the ugly stuff! LOL!

Ara said...

these look like really really expensive book cases! Its crazy to hear they were only 6 bucks each (plus embellishments!) Looking good as always!! How in the world are you going to find enough books to fill those??? -ara

Amanda S. said...

WOW! This look awesome. The cuts at the top look good to me. I'll bet you can't wait to start making all the miniature accessories, right? I think the ladder is a wonderful idea, and I'm sure you'll find a way to make it perfection.

Poppypatchwork said...

You have done a great job, Im not good with wood. Are you going to make your own books.

Unknown said...

I'm still loving those bookcases and set up on the floor there they look stunning!

Also a quick note to let you know that I've tagged you! Please visit my blog for details and have fun!

Josje said...

Your bookcases look great, I love the moulding you have put at the top. Putting doors on the bottom would mean less books to make, and trust me, you'll be needing A LOT (and probably get sick of making them)! However, I quite like the scale and ...(oh, I can't think of the right word in English...)it has a certain rhythme which I like. Doors might spoil that.

I love what you have done so far. Beautiful work. I look forward to reeding your posts in future.

Ara said...

Reply to a post on my blog:

Have you heard of Harbor Freight?

I have gotten alot of my sculting and carving tools from there and they are super duper cheap!! If you haven't been you must go! and go to the isle with all the xacto blades. I heart that isle!! I load up on little tools and gadgets everytime I go!! I use my carving tools mostly for beating up wood and making it look chipped and old. Although hopefully someday I can do something a little more refined!

I am in the DFW area but my parents are in Houston so I travel down there pretty frequently!

Sans! said...

This has to be my fav fav fav part! The library. Your shelves are mind blowing but you know, I think some doors at the bottom will add a very realistic touch. I always love opening mini cabinet doors:).

Must recommend that you try and get hold of this book called "At Home with Books" by Ellis, Seebohm & Sykes. Coffee table books of libraries at home and it will give you some idea of how to fill up those shelves with mostly books and other paraphernalia (fun to make).

I will want to come back to your library again and again when I am building the one for my palace. How big is your library going to be?

Texas Belle said...

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I think I agree that I need to make cabinet doors for the bottom two shelves; I was just hoping you'd all convince me of the opposite, lol!

Ara, I've heard of Harbor Freight, and I think there is one in town, I've just never been. I'm definitely going to have to check it out sometime soon, though. Thanks for the tip!

Sans, I love all things library-related, so I will definitely look into the book you recommended. Sadly, the library in Myrtlewood won't be very large - about 12" x 13" - so I'm packing as much into a small space as I can (by building my bookcases all the way up to the ceiling, for example).