Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ballroom Columns

I plan for Myrtlewood's ballroom to be quite grand and, in keeping with its general Greek revival style, wanted to include columns marking the transition from the ballroom to the music alcove. I think I've seen some for sale on specialty miniatures websites, but I'm really trying to make as much on my own as I can (and saving money never hurts, either!). So I made these columns out of some wedding cake decorations, polymer clay and wood blocks.
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I found these Wilton wedding cake columns - four for about $5.00 - and thought they were absolutely perfect! They're only 7 inches tall, however, and a quick internet search showed they're the tallest Wilton makes. I needed columns at least 8 inches tall for my plans, so I decided to raise them using wood blocks. The blocks looked a little plain, however, so I decided to glamorize them a bit.

I used polymer clay and this nifty mold to create raised flourishes for the sides of the columns. This is a great use for scrap clay, by the way; I used up a fair amount of all the scraps I had from my marbling experiments.

As you can see, I simply glued the clay (after oven hardening) to the wood blocks, glued the columns on top and painted everything white.

This worked out so well that I'm considering ways to use polymer clay for other architectural embellishments at Myrtlewood.


Amanda S. said...

These look great. Wedding cake toppers for dollhouse columns - I'm wondering what else you'll come up with. :)

Sans said...

Belle, I use candle holders or intend to use them. I bought my "columns" way before I start even building anything. One of these days, I will do a post on the columns and show you what I mean.

Lucky for me Indo-saracenic architecture is a little haphazard unlike yours which is really structured.

Pubdoll said...

This was genial! The columns look really great!