Sunday, October 12, 2008

Laying Brick

I wanted the long front porch of Myrtlewood to be made of brick. But the individual bricks sold at dollhouse supply stores are expensive and too thick for my purposes, and the bricks that come in sheets just don't look realistic to me. I've seem some fantastic results from people who sculpt bricks out of clay, but I haven't worked with clay much (yet!) and needed something more foolproof. The most realistic results I've seen have resulted from a technique using cardboard egg cartons (yes, you read that right!). I found a great tutorial online and was eager to get started.

So I started cutting up the egg cartons I had stashed just for this purpose. I cut, and I cut and I cut some more. Then I rested my hands for a few days and then I cut some more! I cut out each "brick" by hand, and even snipped off each corner of each brick for a more realistic look.

When I had a fair number prepared, I started gluing them, one by one, directly onto the plywood base. As the porch runs the entire 60-inch length of the house, I had a lot of brick to lay!

Don't worry; it's going to look really good once I finish!

After I had glued down all the bricks, I sponge painted them, first using a burnt sienna base and then layering several other colors over the top until I achieved a more realistic brick color. Then I sprayed the whole thing with a matte sealer. Once that was dry, I spread grout with my fingers over the brick, pushing the grout down into the crevices between the bricks and wiping off the excess with a damp sponge. Here's how it looked once I finished:

Bricking the front porch took me two entire weekends to complete, so I don't think I'll be bricking any other large areas of the house (although I do intend to use this same technique to brick the insides of all of the fireplaces). It was totally worth it for the porch, though. I think it turned out great and am so pleased with how realistic it looks!


Sans! said...

I just want to let you know how very amazing the brick work has turned out! Congratulations! I am reading your post from Day 1 and I am gobsmacked already on Day 3!

As you know, I am also building a palace and I am still in the year 1 planning stage and there are moments when I feel a little disheartened! I am glad I found your blog. It is inspiring and it will keep me going on mine!Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really amazing! Well, your whole house is amazing but I like this part in particular :)

RND said...

For years I have said "Sometimes you have to attempt the ridiculous to achieve the impossible" and I think this trick has such a great outcome. I have many silicone molds of bricks that are fantastic, yet to cover a large area with resin gets so pricey. Who ever would have thought egg cartons. Fantasic results!